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Geralt of Rivia Lace Front Wig from Witcher 3 by Nintentoys
Geralt of Rivia Lace Front Wig from Witcher 3
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* The wig *

This is a wig I styled to look like Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3. Very hard to find item in general. It was professionally styled using a high quality heat resistant lace front wig to give it that natural hairline.when you buy wish from me I will also include wig tape adhesive, Bobby pins and a wig cap so your wig will stay in place when you wear it. The color I used is light silver which also a very hard color to find. I styled the wig to have side burns to cover up the side burns of the person who will wear the wig. Note the wig was styled on a mens wig head form to fit men's head sizes. So don't be afraid if you think the wig won't fit. Trust me I understand, my specialty is men's wigs and alot of other wig stylists have issues with men sizes or don't put sideburns but I always get the sizes right, so your in good hands. Overall it has a little bit of body in the front to give it a light puff. Becuase most wigs are naturally made to look more afeminate, I had to distressed the wig and take some of the natural shine off it so I could give it that more Manly, rugged look and feel to it like the character has in the video game. The hairstyle in the game might look simplistic but it actually has a lot of detail and I take a lot of time styling it to make it look perfect before I ship it to you! 

*Sellers notes *

Please note that wigs do come out slightly different everytime it is styled. The wigs are made to order so it might take some time to get to you. Due to the fact that I to get my wigs online before I style them it takes some time for it to be shipped to me but once it's in my possession I will style the wig as fast as I can to ship them immediately to meet your deadlines. The reason why my wig prices might seem a little high are due to fact that I will give you an extremely good product, from the wig itself which I get the best quality wig out there, as well to the work and labor I put in it. I will put my heart and soul into everything I do so I can have you looking your best! 
Please ask any questions you might have before buying, will try to answer all your questions to best of my knowledge. 


The way I usually ship the wigs I style are placed in a cardboard box with the wig very well pinned on to a Styrofoam wig head. The wig head will be hot glued to the box so it won't move out of place. The box will be taped securely with your adress on it. Doing this process that takes up to 20 minutes sometimes will insure that the wig will come to you perfectly. 

*Returns *

Unfortunately I do not accept refunds do to the matter that wigs could be a health hazard if more then one person wears it. And I would never sell a used wig. Although if something does happen during the shipment please contact me immediately with pictures to see how I can help. Once it leaves my possession I can't be liable for damages caused by the shipping.

*Ps. * 

If you want a different wig for a different character that you want that you want me to style please message me and I'll send you a free quote. 

Thank you again for looking at my wigs and please look at the rest of my wigs on my etsy shop!

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